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Manage thousands of client budgets with ease using our suite of manual and automatic tools, across Google, Microsoft, and Meta.

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What is a Smart Budget?

A Smart Budget consists of one or more campaigns with similar goals and a collective spend target.

Using a suite of manual and automatic tools, Adpulse Smart Budgets gives you the ultimate control over how your PPC campaign spend is managed and optimized.

You tell Adpulse how you want your Smart Budget managed, then sit back and relax while the hard work is done for you!

Why use a Smart Budget?

Manage thousands of client budgets with ease
Use AutoPacer to automatically adjust your daily PPC budgets, ensuring you utilize your entire allocation for the period
AutoProtect will send alerts and pause campaigns at the threshold you choose, to ensure you never overspend again
Rollovers automatically move any budget over-spend or under-spend to the following month or you can define rollover rules for each campaign
Manage and pace Search, Discovery, Display and YouTube campaigns separately within a single account budget.
Set CPA or ROAS KPIs for each budget to track performance against spend. 

Adpulse monitors your ad spend 24/7 so you don't have to


Avoid overspending by pausing campaigns automatically. Set your spend threshold and Adpulse will check your spend every hour, automatically pausing the campaign and notifying you when paused. It will even automatically turn those campaigns back on at the start of the next period.

Adpulse Smart Budgets AutoProtect

Tracking KPIs at a glance

Once you have set your KPIs you can easily see how the campaigns are tracking on the dashboard.

Sort by best to worst performing for some good news, or sort worst to best to see what Insights there are to improve the ones not performing well.

Adpulse KPI Driven Optimization Tracking


Flick a toggle and Adpulse will start automatically adjusting your PPC budgets daily to reach your spend goal. Choose from multiple pacing algorithms to best suit your campaigns to ensure no more lumpy spend, running out of budget early, or spending more than you were given!

Adpulse Smart Budgets Autopacing

Custom Budget Alerts

Create custom Budget Alerts based on Spend or Pacing and apply them to a set of accounts dynamically using Tags (or client name or budget name). For example, you can create one alert for ‘Important’ accounts and another for the rest. No need for alerts on a per-account or per-budget basis – makes managing alerts so easy.

Alerts appear on the Alerts Dashboard and can also be sent to an email or a chat app, like Slack or Teams, to avoid them getting lost in the email clutter.

Adpulse Custom Budget Alerts


With Adpulse you can automatically roll over any underspend or overspend from one period to the next. The Smart Budget Dashboard will clearly display the base budget + rollover amount so you can assess target spend and pacing at a glance.

Adpulse Budget Management Rollovers


See how your PPC budgets are pacing at a glance, via the simple color-coded bar on your Smart Budget Dashboard. Sort by “Pacing” to easily view under-pacing or over-pacing budgets, giving budget visibility at every level, for your whole organization.

Adpulse Smart Budgets Pacing

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Agency Visibility

Everything you need to know about what’s happening in your accounts, is all summarized in one place.
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Identify performance optimizations in seconds with our automatic analysis of vital levers like Keywords, Asset Groups, Devices, Search Terms, and more.
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Alerts and Insights

Alerts and Insights that are worth their weight in ad spend. When things aren’t going well, or have broken you need to know fast.
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Search Term Management

We know that managing search terms is crucial but time-consuming, so we built an innovative tool to make it easy…and fast!
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Shopping Performance

Our Shopping Performance Dashboards provide insight and capabilities that you just can’t get in the platform interfaces
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Master Your Close Variants

After talking to hundreds of agencies and advertisers we've built a tool to make managing Close Variants at scale easy - it even has Auto mode
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No other software provider does what Adpulse does!

The smart budget management capability is a game changer for our agency – no other software provider does what Adpulse does!

Rod Russell
, Managing Director, NZ
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