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Close variant conversions cost 88% more, so we’ve built a tool to analyze and manage them, at scale.

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Can you really reclaim Exact Match?

Whilst Close Variant (intent) matching can help you to reach more potential customers, it can also produce poor quality or irrelevant search matches that don't align with the business offering. We’ve all been there. 

And there’s no way to opt-out. 

So we built a tool to analyze, surface and control them, helping you drive better performance for your accounts.

Why is this such a big deal?

We performed a study of over 4 million search campaign clicks and found that CPA was almost double (and ROAS almost half) when comparing close variants to search terms that actually match your keywords. Yep. 

Not only is Adpulse the only platform to undertake this complex close variant impact analysis for your accounts, it then gives you the ability to take action in-app, and at scale. 

It’s time for Close Variant mastery.

How does it work?

Close Variants Vs. True Match

Adpulse reports on the aggregated metrics for Close Variants vs True Match, from the Ad Account level through to the Ad Group level; making it easy to see where Close Variants are helping or harming. 

This means you can spend your time taking action, not creating pivot tables!

Adpulse Close Variants Metrics

Allowed Phrases

An “Allowed Phrase” is similar to a Keyword, but it’s saved within Adpulse, not within the ad platform itself. Allowed Phrases could be misspellings, plurals, or any phrase that you’re happy for search terms to include.

Along with your campaign Keywords, search terms that match these will be defined as a True Match.

Adpulse Close Variants Allow Phrases

Take Action In-app

Use the filter to look for a specific search term, metric, or status (eg. “show me all Close Variants”) then apply an action, either per Search Term or in bulk. You can:

  • Add Keywords
  • Add Negatives
  • Add as Allowed Phrases
  • Remove Negatives (if status is blocked)
Adpulse Close Variants In App Actions

Automatic Mode

Once your True Match list is nice and tight, and the only Close Variants you’re seeing are destined to be negatives, you can turn on Automatic Mode. 

This will automatically add any Close Variants as negatives to the location you specify delivering everyone’s favorite double whammy; a performance uplift coupled with a huge time save. 

Of course, at any point, you can review the Blocked Terms and choose to manually remove any negatives.

Adpulse Close Variants Automatic Mode

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We've seen significant performance improvement across our accounts

Implementation of Adpulse at Yellow NZ has seen significant performance improvement across our accounts, delivering a much better ROI for our clients and a much more efficient management process for us

Stephen van Niekerk
, Head of Digital Performance
Yellow New Zealand
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