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Shaun is the founder and CEO of Adpulse. In addition to over a decade spent managing paid global and local search accounts, Shaun has also spent the past 9 years designing cutting-edge advertising technology used by thousands of agencies across the globe.

The founder and CEO of PPC Samurai, Adpulse is his newest technology, designed to deliver agencies the power and experience of PPC Samurai, in an innovative KPI plug-and-play environment.

Shaun’s greatest passion (other than his family and fishing, mostly in that order ????) is working with agencies and PPC managers on implementing PPC strategies and processes that drive efficiency and improve campaign performance through technology and automation.
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No other software provider does what Adpulse does!

The smart budget management capability is a game changer for our agency – no other software provider does what Adpulse does!

Rod Russell
, Managing Director, NZ
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